Trends in sports medicine

Trends in sports medicine

Can we comment on the paradigm shift that has occurred over the years relating to the practice of sports medicine?

Can we comment on the paradigm shift that has occurred over the years relating to the practice of sports medicine?

Today, in order to practice sports medicine, a physician needs to be equipped with certain armamentarium. Most of those skills are acquired from sports medicine fellowship training programs. In addition, the athletes have to be regarded as patients needing a special form of primary care.

Just as athletes work in teams, sports medicine is composed of a team of primary care physicians plus or minus pediatricians, physical therapists, athletic trainers, orthopedic physicians and osteopathic physicians, including DOs (doctors of osteopathic medicine) who practice neuromuscular medicine with OMT (osteopathic manipulative treatment).

As a sports medicine physician, the goal is to “promote the health and safety of the athlete in training and competition.” Such a physician is equipped with additional screening tools for injuries, illness or factors that might expose the athlete to preventable illness or injuries.”

From working with athletes in rehab, I discovered the priceless opportunity I have through my wonderful program to have a direct observation of the progress of the recovering athletes after an acute injury. It would be nice to learn from what each physician in this field has learned as well at their different levels of training, all while working with the sports medicine team.


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